Origins GinZing Moisturiser Review

Monday, 30 September 2013

I've been on the lookout for a new energy-boosting moisturiser for a while now, in between college, applying to university, my job and my voluntary job, on average I'm racking up a 45+ hour week and my skin is paying for it! 
Origins promise us that: "Instantly hydrates and revs up radiance. Lackluster-looking skin is rapidly refreshed and revitalised to create a healthy, vibrant glow. This lightweight, oil-free, skin energy drink, fortified with legendary skin-boosters like Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean, jumpstarts hydration levels". 
The highlight of this moisturiser for me is the fact that it's oil-free, meaning that there is no oily residue left over on the face (something I detest!) I truly do believe that this gives me that boost of energy needed on those difficult mornings. Another thing that I love about it is the amazing citrus scent that hits you when you open the pot, it smells like terry's chocolate orange almost!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Pink Gold Review

Thursday, 12 September 2013
After reading multiple reviews of the Colour Tattoo's online I decided that I'd have to buy one. I managed to find this on eBay for just £3.84 with free p&p! When reading the colour Pink Gold stood out in particular to me. Mainly it's a gorgeous light pink colour, but it has subtle gold undertones. The packaging it comes in is similar to the mac paint pots and also bobbi brown's cream eyeshadows. The packaging does make it seem like there is a lot more product in there than the 4g's there actually is!
The cream melts on contact with warm skin and applies smoothly onto the lids. I personally do find it difficult to get an even coverage on my lids, but I do believe this is a personal problem and not a problem with the product. 
I tend to use this as a base then use my Naked 2 Palette with it to create the finished look. As well as this if I'm just looking for something to quickly apply to my eyes I'll just use this on its own. As for the staying power I can't quite comment on the 24hrs. However, this did last me through an 11 hour shift at work and didn't show any signs of creasing so I'm pretty damn impressed by that. 
Metallic Pomegranate is definitely next on my list!
Maybelline Colour Tatto in Pink Gold // £3.84

Bioderma Sebium H2O Soloution Micellaire Review

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I got two of these 250ml bottles from a little shop on eBay a couple of months back now for just £12.45! I'd tried the Sensibio version previously but for someone with oily skin I obviously opted for the Sebium when purchasing myself!
For me this is just a makeup remover. There's no denying it's the best makeup remover I've ever used but I wouldn't class it as a cleanser as some do. I'll use it to take my makeup off before I go ahead and use my Liz Earle cleanser (or whatever is my favourite at the time). If I'm feeling particularly lazy I will just quickly take my make up off with this then shove some moisturiser on.  I've read online that people find it a bit too harsh to use around the eye area but I don't have any problems with this at all. 
So what do you think? Is it really worth all the hype?!

Mac Cremesheen Creme Cup Lipstick Review

Saturday, 17 August 2013
After I'd checked in and got through security at Manchester airport and into duty free the first thing I did was make a mad dash for MAC.
The first thing that I picked up is one of the Cremsheen lipsticks in Creme Cup. I first tried this lipstick about a year as a friend had it, ever since then I've loved it and it's been on my humongous list of things to buy. I got it for around £12 (if I remember correctly) with it being in duty free. 
I'm a huge lover of pink lipsticks as I believe I only really suit more subtle and nude lipsticks (how much I envy those who look amazing with red lipstick!). The Cremesheen is my favourite finish from the mac lipsticks. I suffer from dry lips and this gives my lips moisture and stops lipstick from sticking to the dry patches on my lips. 

The lipstick is quite pigmented and does tend to last around 2 hours before having to reapply. It's so wearable and is my current go to lipstick, I personally think it looks amazing with a smokey eye and with a pink blush!
Whats your favourite Mac Lipstick???

Vichy Normaderm 3 in 1 Cleanser + Scrub + Mask Review

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Normaderm 3 in 1 cleanse, scrub is made up of ultra soothing agents and deeply clarifying clay to reduce the appearance of  imperfections, clears impurities and eliminates excess sebum. 
The product itself is a thick green/grey colour. When I first applied the product I was shocked at the size of the exfoliating beads in it, I've never seen any exfoliating beads of that size before! One of my favourite things about this product is that you can use it everyday as your face wash (as I do) but you can also leave it on to harden and it becomes a clay mask. So if I have a bit of spare time that day or my skins feeling rather dull I will leave it on for a bit of a treat. 
In my opinion I don't think this product will be appropriate for those with sensitive skin. It provides a good scrub to the face which I believe will be too harsh for those with sensitive skin. 
After use it leaves your skin feeling extremely toned and tight so you need to make sure you use a good moisturiser otherwise it would dry your skin out pretty quickly. 
After using this product for 2 weeks I have noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of oil on my t-zone and how much longer my makeup is lasting without having to touch up. On top of that a lot of my blackheads have disappeared which I'm over the moon about, leaving my pores looking clearer and dare I say it, possibly smaller?? After using the product it leaves your skin with a natural matte finish to it, although this is only temporary. I really think I have found something amazing in this product. 

Monthly Favourites | July '13

Thursday, 1 August 2013
How fast is this year going?! It's August already, which means it's only 4 months until christmas, yay! So this is my first ever monthly favourites post. I've bought quite a lot this month and I haven't had the chance to write up about them on here with the amount of hours I've been working (I'm working 40+ next week :|). So I'll include these products in here and give them a short and sweet round up. 
Estee Lauder Bronze Godess Perfume
I picked this up on the plane home from Rome last week. Not only was it duty free prices on the plane they also had a 20% sale on all the products on board. So instead of paying the RRP of £45 I paid only £28! On the train home from Manchester I decided to look up the reviews on this product. Little did I know it's a limited edition perfume that comes out every summer and is highly sought after with a lot of people buying it in bulk so they can use it year round. The perfume itself is a mixture of coconut, mandarin, vanilla, amber tropical flowers and lemon. For me it smells like summer in a bottle, it's tropical and smells like late nights on the beach. I've received numerous compliments whilst wearing this perfume, with a couple of people even commenting on how 'sexy' it smells. Estee Lauder themselves do describe it as 'All heat. All Desire. All woman.'
Body Shops Strawberry Shower Gel & Body Butter
I've been a big fan of The Body Shop for years now and in particular the body butters. How I have only just got round to trying the strawberry range now I do not know. It is the most divine scent I have ever smelt on a body butter, it leaves me feeling and smelling amazing all day. I have found over the years that the different scents have different consistencies in the butters. This one in particular is quite a lot creamier and soft than the others and beautifully melts into the skin. I find that after shaving my legs can get quite dry so this helps to replace the moisture into my legs. The shower gel smells just as amazing and produces a lovely rich lather leaving me feeling really clean and fresh after the shower. People in my house have also commented on the smell left in the bathroom after I've used it. Also, when I went into the store these were on sale for half price each so I got them at a really good price. 
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine - Papaya
I was late getting onto the hi-shine bandwagon. So when I was in my local superdrug looking for a colour to wear for my holiday I instantly approached the Barry M stand. The formula itself is to die for! Easy to apply and leaves this amazing shine finish to your nails, I do find that you have to apply a few coats for this though. Papaya is a light orange colour which is easy to wear and looks lovely with a tan. 
Caudalie Divine Oil
I've been wanting to start using oils for a while now so when I seen that Caudalie (a brand that I have grown to love) had an oil that can be used on your body, face and hair all in one I just had to buy it. After I've showered I apply this oil to my body, my face then the ends of my hair. It locks moisture into damp skin, I suffer from KP on my arms and by using this oil it has greatly improved this condition. The only problem I find with this product is that it gets used up incredibly quickly. I limit the amount I use and still the amount I've used has gone down significantly in less than a week.

Breaking Bad 
Ok, so this one isn't beauty related but it's definitely been a favourite of mine this month. I don't think I have ever been as addicted to a TV show as I have with this. Although it's not my favourite TV series it is definitely been the one I've been enjoying the most recently. I find myself desperate to watch the episodes all day long, I have to prise myself away from the laptop/kindle/ipad and do the other jobs I have for the day. I've managed to get through 4 series in two weeks (I even have an episode playing in the background whilst I'm typing this up). Oh and please excuse my room, I've recently moved and it's hideously decorated, I'm currently in the process of stripping the wallpaper to get it decorated but I've taken a break to write this up!

Nars Sheer Glow Review

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

For as long as I can seem to remember I have been looking for a foundation that I actually love. One that gives me a good coverage, but doesn't make me feel like I'm caked, gives me an even looking finish due to my natural redness and to brighten my face and leave me looking natural instead of powdery. I believe that I have found this in this product.
First, the packaging. My main gripe with this product is that it is just an open necked bottle underneath. You can purchase a pump for it off the Nars website (which i'll be doing) as I'm finding that I'm wasting quite a lot of the product without it. 
I picked this up in the colour Punjab (medium 1) Nars describe it as "medium with a golden, peachy undertone". This is a perfect match for my skin, but at the moment I am quite tanned due to the good weather in England and my holiday. So whether this match will still look the same in a few months I don't know. 
It's recommended to warm the foundation up in your hands first and then to apply it with your fingers to create the most natural look possible. I have been applying this with my fingers but then at the end I've just been going over it with my real techniques buffing brush. After applying I sweep over the foundation with Nars pressed powder to help keep it in place.
I was apprehensive about using this foundation. With a name with 'glow' in it for someone who has oily skin it was a bit daunting. But after reading up on the product online I found others who have oily skin have used this foundation and loved it. This gives my skin a lovely glow, leaving me looking healthy. I find that this product lasts around 4/5 hours before you need to apply powder before any excess oils come through. 

NARS Laguna Bronzer Review

Sunday, 28 July 2013

 Ahh the infamous Nars Laguna. It seems like most blogs I go on tend to have a review on this and they hype around it is massive. I first tried the Laguna bronzer back in May. After seemed what like hours of contouring I was over the moon with the finished effect and went out a very happy bunny that night!
Ever since then I've been meaning to pick it up so when I was in Rome this week with a Sephora on every corner I just had to pick it up! I paid more for it over there but I had euros to spend so I wasn't too bothered by it. 
First of all, my favourite thing about all Nars products, the luxurious packaging. I just love the way they look and feel. However, as with all of the products they do get dirty incredibly quickly. As usual they come with a large mirror for outings and applying on the move. 
I tend to find with that the vast majority of bronzers that I've tried over the years they tend to make my face look dirty instead of actually bronzed. With this product that is not a problem.Like the good majority of Nars products this bronzer blends onto the skin really nicely, helping me to avoid this dirty/muddy look.
The bronzer has a very subtle shimmer to it which I really enjoy as I'm not too big a fan of having a glittery face. 

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Splash Away Foaming Cleanser

Tuesday, 9 July 2013
(My camera decided to play funny buggers and deleted the photos I took, by the time I'd realised this I'd already thrown the bottle in the bin!)

This month I'm banning myself from buying any beauty products. Therefore I have decided to use up all the samples I have at home. I picked this one up out of the tin a couple of weeks back now. 
I've really enjoyed using this product. Before I started using this I read a few reviews of it online, most were bad and I was a bit dubious about using it, however I decided to give it a go. I really can't emphasise enough how clean this makes my skin feel. As someone who has oily skin nothing feels better than that amazing squeaky clean feel after washing your face, this is the cleanest I've felt after washing my face in a long time! You only need to use a small amount of the product to produce a brilliant lather, it also has an amazing smell to it! All I can say really is don't always go of other peoples opinions as no one has exactly the same skin as yours!!


Sunday, 7 July 2013
(This was at Patisserie Valerie - very busy but amazing food and not too pricey! Next time I go back I want to have a full lunch here rather than just dessert!)
For my boyfriends birthday one of the gifts I got him was a weekend away in Manchester, we both needed to do some shopping before we go away to Rome! 
I didn't get too much other than my camera and spending over £100 in Cath Kidston (my downfall in life). Most of the weekend I spent eating amazing food, one of my loves in life. So I thought I'd dedicate this post to the amazing food I had that weekend!
 On Saturday night we went to San Carlos, all I can say is that it's the most authentic food I've tasted since I was last in Italy myself! The atmosphere was amazing and it was a regular haunt for celebrities with a picture of Rihanna visiting just a month before us! The service was amazing too and I would recommend this as the best place to eat in Manchester. The only downfall was the price. It cost just under £100 for our meal and we didn't have desserts (too full with a starter each!)but you definitely pay for what you get though and I can't wait to go back next time I'm there and try something else!
On Sunday I stopped off at the Sugar Junction for a pot of tea. I love floral tea and chose one with rose petals in (can't remember it exactly now). I wanted to have a full lunch here but Iain wouldn't saying it was too 'fussy' (typical men 'eh?). I was so jealous looking at all the afternoon tea's and lovely cakes :-(

Lomography; Diana Mini - The Evelyn

Tuesday, 2 July 2013
When I was in Manchester this weekend I picked up this little beauty. I've been looking at getting a camera from Lomography for well over a year now and have just never seemed to have the spare money to buy one. I did originally intend on buying the original Diana but when I seen this mini version in such an amazing colour I fell in love. 
Now I won't be able to really fully review it as I haven't got to the end of my film yet so can't see what the pictures have turned out like, it could be a complete disaster for all I know! 

The camera itself is simple enough to use. There's different settings for the time of day and for the brightness outside. Loading the film is a bit fiddly but with the help of youtube tutorials it didn't take me too long. I'll include some pictures below of what people have crated with their Diana Mini!

Diana Mini (The Evelyn) // £50 at Urban Outfitters

Amelia xo

Latest In Beauty Samples Review

Recently I received a box of free samples from Latest In Beauty.  I received Melvita - ultra nourishing cream, Yes! Nurse - protect your lovely hands and Amie - spring clean cooling clay mask.
When I first used the Amie clay mask I absolutely loved it and was ready to come on here and blog all about it straight away! It smells amazing and when first applied it felt amazing and my skin felt woken up. After removal it felt amazingly fresh and smooth. However, when I woke up the next day I'd suffered from a mini break out on my forehead overnight. I had't trialled any other new beauty products at this time so this is the only thing I can imagine causing it.

The Yes Nurse hand cream is absolutely amazing! It was designed by a young nurse who suffered from cracked hands due to the amount you need to wash them as a nurse. This cream absorbs into the hands in around for 30 seconds and doesn't leave the greasy feeling that most hand creams do and I detest. I will definitely be investing in this in the near future when I'll be starting my nursing degree and my own hands will be suffering. As well as this I think it will be handy at the moment as I work part time as a checkout operator and I've found my hands in a worse state since starting this as I'm using them all day.
Melvita's nourishing cream includes 3 organice honeys, acacia to soften, orange blossom to repair and thyme to heal. As for this it smells delicious! I found it to be amazing on the occasional dry skin patches I have on my face, it instantly soothes and calms upon application. It's so light and silky and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. I rationed out this produt and used it over 4 nights, the more I used it the more improvement I seen. Definitely going to be purchasing in the full size and going to have a look at the rest of their range.

NOTD - Models Own Review

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, I've been working so much overtime and did over 24 hours just this weekend! 
When I got my Selfridges beauty box a couple of months back I received this Models Own nail polish. It's bubblegum from the new ice neon range. I love the frosted bottle. Initially I was taken aback by the brightness of this nail varnish but I thought I'd give it a go.
I only own one other nail varnish by Models Own as I have to order them online and this just boosts the price up. I find that these apply really easily with minimum streaking. They only began to chip around 4 days later which in my opinion is quite impressive! 
Models Own Bubblegum - £5 Models Own

NARS Cactus Flower Blush - Review

Tuesday, 11 June 2013
I got a bit excited when I first got this product and forgot to take a picture before I used it! Now I'm looking at it though it does show the gold in this blusher more where you can see where the products been used. No matter how many photos I took I couldn't quite seem to catch the brightness of this blush. In real life the colour in the pan looks scary to use it's that bright!
I love how thin this product is, making it incredibly easy to blend! Surprisingly it's not greasy either. This products gives a really natural glow and when caught in certain lights you can see the golden speckles on the cheeks. The pigmentation is amazing and I find that it does tend to last me all day long.
When applied to the cheeks it turns into a lovely coral colour (which I'm addicted to at the moment). I found that the best way to apply this is by using my fingers, any brushes I used just didn't seem to give me an application that I was happy with. The only downside I find with this product is, which is typical of nars, the price. Priced at £21.50 you could say that it is quite pricey but the pan is huge and I believe that this will last me for a very long time!
Nars Cactus Flower Creme Blush - £21.50 Nars

Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Review

I have seen so much hype over this product within the blogging community, making me instantly happy when I saw that this was included in the Selfridges Beauty Box I had ordered. As well of this it is an apparent favourite of Victoria Beckham who applies it over her makeup for a glowing complexion! I've had a facial mist before, I do enjoy them but they never seem to stay as a staple in my makeup/beauty routine, I don't exactly class them as essential.
I have read so many reviews and the opinions on the smell of this product seem to be all over the place, some love it, some hate it and some just tolerate. The spray contains grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint and rosemary. I personally, don't mind the smell but I wouldn't say I'm exactly a fan either.
It claims to "smooth features, tightens pores, and gives the complexion a burst of radiance. An excellent base for make-up, this water awakens the skin in the morning and livens it up before a night out". To be honest I haven't experienced my pores being tightened. It does make my face feel refreshed upon applying it and I suppose you could say that it does give me a slight 'glow'. 
I will take this on holiday with me as I can imagine it being extremely refreshing in the heat. I wouldn't repurchase this at it seems a lot of money for what the product itself is. 
Caudalide Beauty Elixir - £32

Rome wishlist #1

Friday, 7 June 2013

I've managed to put together a few outfits over the past month for Rome and have already bought a lot for the trip. However, I seen this dress the other day and fell in love! As soon as I saw it all I could think about was how much I would love it with the Zara mini shopper (which I've just realised has sold out now on the website *sad*). 
I seen these shoes on the Topshop website before when I was browsing, I'm thinking of buying them but they look extremely similar to the white t-bar shoes I bought from there last month so I'll have to think twice about it first. 
Has anyone been to Rome and could recommend any sensible clothing to take with me? 

Dior Addict Gloss - Springball

Saturday, 25 May 2013

I received this lipgloss a couple of weeks ago as a gift. I was in Debenhams and fell in love with the wide range of colours and I finally decided on spring ball. However, there was around 4 shades that I loved and will be buying when I have bit of spare cash. 
The lipgloss gives a lovely mirror shine and I love the sparkles they all have. I found that with this lipgloss you don't get the usual stickiness that you get with glosses (which is why I typically don't wear them). You get long wear out of it with the gloss lasting for around 4 hours. It leaves you with a lovely gloss and leaves your lips looking fuller. The texture for this gloss is also very creamy so it doesn't dry out your lips.
I love the packaging on this product, typical dior very feminine and classy. The only downside I can see to this product is the price at £22 it is quite pricey. 

Miss Dior

Friday, 24 May 2013

Yesterday I ran out of my Marc Jacobs Dot perfume that I received at Christmas, leaving me only with my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Iain, very kindly, said that he'd treat me to a new one when we went up town today.
I've been looking at this perfume for a while now and when I bought one of the Dior Addict lip glosses the other week I had a spritz and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. It was tripple beauty card points this weekend in Debenhams so I got 486 points today for this perfume! It's got such a feminine, sensual and floral smell. I sprayed myself this afternoon at around 3pm and as I'm writing this blog post now I can still smell it on my skin. 
The scent is described as seductive, elegant, sensual and intoxicating nocturnal fragrance, suitable for special rendezvous. It states its femininity with oriental - chypre character and prominent and opulent floral notes.
I choose this because it's light enough for day and strong enough for night. It lasts all day long and the fact that it's a classical, timeless scent!