Why I shouldn't be allowed money

Saturday, 23 March 2013
After work today I nipped back in the store to pick up a pineapple and, as usual, ended up spending around £20! I'm obsessed with saving money and will very rarely splash out on something expensive but I'll quite happily pick up a load of tat and buy that instead! However, I did pick up some adorable stuff.

This key cover is absolutely adorable! I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I can't resist anything like this.

I got some socks too. I almost always wear tights so I literally have no socks and always end up stealing Iain's! I also purchased an underwear set which is really cute but I dont quite fancy putting that on here, you can just see it sneaking in in the corner.
Anyways I'm going to wrap this up now as I've cut my finger at work and I'm finding it virtually impossible to use my mac with a plaster on my index finger. 


Friday, 15 March 2013
Finally I've got time to sit down. Turns out my 'relaxed' night wasn't so relaxed after all! Tonight I had to spend around 3 hours in the hairdressers with my mother, her hairdresser of 20 years accidentally dyed her hair bright orange! Took forever to sort out. 
When I got in I quickly packed my gym bag and went to Morrisons to do my weekly shopping. I try to eat healthy so my mam just sends me with her card once a week to do my own shopping as she gets too stressed trying to do it for me haha. Then off to the gym I went. 
When in Morrisons I picked up a few bits including this new 'Gemspa Calming Amber Crystal Body Scrub' claiming to "destress my body and mind'. For as long as I can remember i have had these little bumps/spots on the top of my arms (even worse when I was a child on my chest as well) now I have spent hours trailing the internet for cures to these spots, which I found out to be a condition called keratosis pilaris. It seems that there are hundreds of other women out there who are in the same boat as me. I've never found a cure for the spots but I find regular exfoliation and moisturising twice a day keeps them quite calm. 
I don't know if I really rate this exfoliator if I'm honest. It did leave my arms and legs feeling smooth afterwards but when exfoliating the scrub seemed to disappear almost immediately and it didn't feel like my skin was being worked enough, more of a polish than a buff! To me it seemed like my gloves did most of the work. One of the main things I love about a good exfoliater is that afterwards I feel like my skin looks radiant, unfortunately this did not leave me feeling like this. I'll use the end of the tub as I hate waste but I most definitely will not be repurchasing. 
When shopping for my food I took a detour down the magazine aisle and saw that Cosmopolitan had free samples of Elemis skin products in them, if you collect them all they're worth £28 and are all a decent size for a sample! I picked up the magazine with the Fresh Skin Skin Clear Mattifying Moisturiser as I struggle with oily skin and occasional breakouts. I'm going to use it tomorrow morning before I do my makeup for the day so the review will be up tomorrow night! I think I'm going to purchase the magazine 3 times to collect all three samples. 

So anyways I've just made my lunch for tomorrow at work and it looks super yummy! Smoked peppered mackerel salad. I'm going back to work tomorrow after over 3 months off. As a student I only work seasonal so the time has come again as it's approaching Easter. I work at Asda by the way, my shifts only 10:30 - 6 though so it's not too bad! Anyways I've just settled down with a big cup of green tea and Love Actually has just started so I'm going to read some blog posts I've missed by my favourites, read cosmo then read a book on my kindle (i love reading ok?!) Until next time...


Saturday, 9 March 2013
Every girl has that one obsession whether it be shoes, dresses, makeup or beauty products. I, however, am a self confessed handbag addict. I own copious amounts of handbags and could buy more everyday if money allowed. I would love to own a room full of designer handbags but to be honest I'm more than happy with high street brand handbags, I'm particularly fond of Cath Kidson bags (you will learn as my blog progresses that I am obsessed with Cath Kidston). Below are a collection of bags that I'm currently lusting after.
I put the mulberry bag in here as I am seriously in love with it but I know I will never own it (I typed that out whilst giving my boyfriend the puppy dog eyes - a girl can dream). When you think the Mulberry Willow Tote can't get any better you realise that it has a detachable cluctch handbag on the front of it, I'm seriously almost crying over how much I'm lusting over it.
Mulberry Willow Tote In Nude Classic Calf
Vivienne Westwood Classic Orb Bag Patent Black
Cath Kidston Posy Bowling Bag

Clinique Moisture Surge

I recently bought one of the new 'Chubby Sticks' that Clinique have brought out, and as usual they thrown in one of their freebie sets. In this set was a sample of Cliniques Moisture Surge and with the winter weather taking its toll on my skin I thought I'd give it a go! 
When applying the gel it glides on feeling extremely smooth as applying it. At the start of application it feels like you're splashing water on your face but before you know it the gel has soaked in! I have combination skin, with an extremely oily t-zone and dry patches on my forehead and sometimes on my cheeks. I'm quite often very wary of applying moisturiser to my t-zone in fear that it will make it more oily but this product is brilliant and hydrates without leaving me looking or feeling oily!
I apply this in the morning and of a night time before bed, I just love how when I apply it before sleep I wake up with silky smooth skin. I've only been using this product for 5 days and it's already made such a noticeable difference! I'm naturally very highly coloured and the gel has reduced the redness in my skin as well as calming down any spots I did have. 
Overall I would definitely recommend this product and when my sample pot does run out I will be running down to Debenhams to repurchase a full size version!