Along Came Betty Detox Mask Pure Pores Tesco Review

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I nipped into Tesco yesterday to pick up a few bits and bobs and took my usual detour down the beauty aisles. Whilst having a wander about I found a new range of beauty products that looked familiar to the soap and glory range. Being a big fan of the 40's and 50's anything along 'retro' appeals to me so I had a quick look. I saw the Pure Pores 15 Minute Detox mask and thought I'd give it a go as I really struggle with black heads on my nose and chin. 
The product claims that it's a 'sun kissing super detox magician' that helps target greasy spot prone areas and purifies your t-zone. You can leave it on for 5 minutes for a quick detox but a full 15 minutes is recommended for a deep cleanse. I applied the mask, did a quick 15 minute burst of revision then washed it off before jumping in the bath. The product tells you to massage into the face until the small beads have disolved, I found that when using the product there didn't seem to be many beads in the product and wasn't as exfoliating as what I'd typically expect from a product of this sort. 
When I got out of the bath I could only explain as what I seen on my face as 'domes'. Where my blackheads had been on my nose/chin there was now clear looking bubbles, which when squeezed emptied black heads in one go and left me with empty pores! I was totally amazed!!! For the price of the product (£4.99) I did not expect such amazing results. I'm going to go back into Tesco at some point this week and pick up some other products out of the range (I'm thinking the hot cloth cleanser) I really could not recommend this product enough. Most definitely will repurchase! Have any of you tried it? Whats your opinion?! Or have you tried something else from the range? 

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  1. I've not seen these in Tesco yet!
    You're right, very similar to the S&G range. Sainsbury's have their own version too called Dirty Works. xx