Dior Addict Gloss - Springball

Saturday, 25 May 2013

I received this lipgloss a couple of weeks ago as a gift. I was in Debenhams and fell in love with the wide range of colours and I finally decided on spring ball. However, there was around 4 shades that I loved and will be buying when I have bit of spare cash. 
The lipgloss gives a lovely mirror shine and I love the sparkles they all have. I found that with this lipgloss you don't get the usual stickiness that you get with glosses (which is why I typically don't wear them). You get long wear out of it with the gloss lasting for around 4 hours. It leaves you with a lovely gloss and leaves your lips looking fuller. The texture for this gloss is also very creamy so it doesn't dry out your lips.
I love the packaging on this product, typical dior very feminine and classy. The only downside I can see to this product is the price at £22 it is quite pricey. 

Miss Dior

Friday, 24 May 2013

Yesterday I ran out of my Marc Jacobs Dot perfume that I received at Christmas, leaving me only with my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle. Iain, very kindly, said that he'd treat me to a new one when we went up town today.
I've been looking at this perfume for a while now and when I bought one of the Dior Addict lip glosses the other week I had a spritz and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. It was tripple beauty card points this weekend in Debenhams so I got 486 points today for this perfume! It's got such a feminine, sensual and floral smell. I sprayed myself this afternoon at around 3pm and as I'm writing this blog post now I can still smell it on my skin. 
The scent is described as seductive, elegant, sensual and intoxicating nocturnal fragrance, suitable for special rendezvous. It states its femininity with oriental - chypre character and prominent and opulent floral notes.
I choose this because it's light enough for day and strong enough for night. It lasts all day long and the fact that it's a classical, timeless scent! 

Cath Kidston addiction!

Thursday, 23 May 2013
I feel really guilty writing all these blog posts about what I've bought this week as it just shows how much money I've spent! I ordered a new bag last week as I wanted an across body one which was large enough to carry everything I need in for Rome. And of course who else would I buy a bag from over than my one true love Cath Kidston?
(you'll have to excuse the creases, it had just been unwrapped)
A couple of days later I was browsing on eBay when I found the trailing ditsy purse, drailing ditsy is my favourite Cath Kidston print ever but it's so hard to get hold of any products in this print now. I didn't really have the money to buy it but I put a bid on it anyways thinking I'd be outbid but I didn't so I ended up winning (which I'm glad about now)! I love how many card slots it's got in it, however there's still not enough for all my cards.

(my small collection of the trailing ditsy print)
For my 18th birthday last year I received a Ted Baker purse off my 'cat' (my mother likes to treat the cat as real person in my household). I adored it and had been looking at it for months. However, within 3 months of having it I noticed it had started staining so easily even though I took great care of it. Now it has got markings all over the front of it and is in a appalling state. I would not recommend anyone to get one of these purses as mine cost arund £80 and for that amount of money I would of expected to get such higher quality than I did. I'll put a few photos in below so you can have a look at it. Has anyone had the same problem with a Ted Baker purse? Or know a way to help clean it up? I've tried to clean it as best as I can but now I'm just going to save it for when I go out or for meals to try and stop it from getting any worse. 

I'm going to relax and watch TV for a bit now then revise as I start work at 4:30. Hold in there guys, it's almost friday!

I'm going to Rome!

In the time I was off my blog, too busy revising and finishing off coursework, something really exciting happened to me.... I booked my holiday
I'm going to Rome!

Me and Iain had been discussing for a while where we'd like to go on holiday and he mentioned he really wanted to go to Italy. I'm lucky enough to have been a few times before with my parents on holidays and day visits whilst on cruises. He initially wanted to go to Venice but I personally found Venice to be a bit boring, as beautiful as it is, and it smells too! So we decided to go to Rome as it's my favourite and there is so much to do there. Last time I went to Rome we visited the Vatican City and went in the Vatican itself (about a 4 hour queue), as someone who is not religious, and the fact I was around 7 at the time I didn't appreciate the amazing art work as much as I should have done. However, when I return this summer we won't be visiting the Vatican as I said before neither of us are religious and there are other things we would rather spend our time in Rome doing.

The thing I'm most looking forward to doing in Rome (other than eating) is visiting The Colosseum. Last time we went me and my dad wanted to visit, but my mam spent that long dragging us round the Vatican we didn't have time. 

We're staying in the Best Western Premier Hotel Royal Santina. It's a 3 minute walk away from the main train station in Rome and an ideal location to get to the main sites! We got a relatively good deal but because it's Rome and a 4* hotel realistically we could only afford the 6 nights. 
Has anyone been to Rome recently and could recommend me places to visit? Shops? Cafes etc. Leave a comment!

selfridge's splurge!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013
At the moment I'm loosing weight due to healthy eating and going to the gym regularly  so i've imposed a new rule to myself; not to buy clothes unless they're the size down from what I normally take. Due to this in the past few months I've only bought around 4 items of clothing, so instead of saving the money i've been spending all my money on makeup instead!
As you'll probably already know I'm an a level student and I finished two of my exams yesterday (the two most important ones). As a treat (and an influence of one of my best friends) I treat myself tonight. I'd been thinking for a while of ordering one of these beauty boxes such as a glossy box or birch box when I seen Caitlin link up the Selfridges Summer Box! 


Monday, 13 May 2013
I haven't posted on here in so long! I'm so sorry! To top it all of so much has happened in the time I'v been offline but I suppose it gives me some exciting posts to write?!
As you all know I'm currently studying for my A-levels and all my coursework for two of my subjects get's sent off tomorrow so for the past few weeks I have been constantly improving and re doing my coursework to get the grades that I want! Because I did my exam for H&SC in January of this year i had my mark for that and now that I have had my coursework marked my tutors been able to calculate for me that I've got an A for the whole of my AS year! I needed 48/50 on both coursework units to achieve this so you can imagine the stress I was under to get it perfect, being able to only drop 2 marks in the whole of a unit! 
My actual summer exams begin a week on Tuesday, i have my double H&SC exam (I'm doing two a levels in it) and I've also got my sociology exam, which I'm really worried about. 
I have a lot of reviews to write up, including Dior and Chanel! I've booked a holiday, bought new clothes and put together lovely new outfits. I'm even thinking of doing a give away when I get to 50 followers, I'm thinking Lush and Mac? Anyways I'm so excited to get started.. until then....