Cath Kidston addiction!

Thursday, 23 May 2013
I feel really guilty writing all these blog posts about what I've bought this week as it just shows how much money I've spent! I ordered a new bag last week as I wanted an across body one which was large enough to carry everything I need in for Rome. And of course who else would I buy a bag from over than my one true love Cath Kidston?
(you'll have to excuse the creases, it had just been unwrapped)
A couple of days later I was browsing on eBay when I found the trailing ditsy purse, drailing ditsy is my favourite Cath Kidston print ever but it's so hard to get hold of any products in this print now. I didn't really have the money to buy it but I put a bid on it anyways thinking I'd be outbid but I didn't so I ended up winning (which I'm glad about now)! I love how many card slots it's got in it, however there's still not enough for all my cards.

(my small collection of the trailing ditsy print)
For my 18th birthday last year I received a Ted Baker purse off my 'cat' (my mother likes to treat the cat as real person in my household). I adored it and had been looking at it for months. However, within 3 months of having it I noticed it had started staining so easily even though I took great care of it. Now it has got markings all over the front of it and is in a appalling state. I would not recommend anyone to get one of these purses as mine cost arund £80 and for that amount of money I would of expected to get such higher quality than I did. I'll put a few photos in below so you can have a look at it. Has anyone had the same problem with a Ted Baker purse? Or know a way to help clean it up? I've tried to clean it as best as I can but now I'm just going to save it for when I go out or for meals to try and stop it from getting any worse. 

I'm going to relax and watch TV for a bit now then revise as I start work at 4:30. Hold in there guys, it's almost friday!

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