I'm going to Rome!

Thursday, 23 May 2013
In the time I was off my blog, too busy revising and finishing off coursework, something really exciting happened to me.... I booked my holiday
I'm going to Rome!

Me and Iain had been discussing for a while where we'd like to go on holiday and he mentioned he really wanted to go to Italy. I'm lucky enough to have been a few times before with my parents on holidays and day visits whilst on cruises. He initially wanted to go to Venice but I personally found Venice to be a bit boring, as beautiful as it is, and it smells too! So we decided to go to Rome as it's my favourite and there is so much to do there. Last time I went to Rome we visited the Vatican City and went in the Vatican itself (about a 4 hour queue), as someone who is not religious, and the fact I was around 7 at the time I didn't appreciate the amazing art work as much as I should have done. However, when I return this summer we won't be visiting the Vatican as I said before neither of us are religious and there are other things we would rather spend our time in Rome doing.

The thing I'm most looking forward to doing in Rome (other than eating) is visiting The Colosseum. Last time we went me and my dad wanted to visit, but my mam spent that long dragging us round the Vatican we didn't have time. 

We're staying in the Best Western Premier Hotel Royal Santina. It's a 3 minute walk away from the main train station in Rome and an ideal location to get to the main sites! We got a relatively good deal but because it's Rome and a 4* hotel realistically we could only afford the 6 nights. 
Has anyone been to Rome recently and could recommend me places to visit? Shops? Cafes etc. Leave a comment!

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  1. Rome is awesome, ive been there in 1988 and i bet there must be lots of changes on everything.

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