Monday, 13 May 2013
I haven't posted on here in so long! I'm so sorry! To top it all of so much has happened in the time I'v been offline but I suppose it gives me some exciting posts to write?!
As you all know I'm currently studying for my A-levels and all my coursework for two of my subjects get's sent off tomorrow so for the past few weeks I have been constantly improving and re doing my coursework to get the grades that I want! Because I did my exam for H&SC in January of this year i had my mark for that and now that I have had my coursework marked my tutors been able to calculate for me that I've got an A for the whole of my AS year! I needed 48/50 on both coursework units to achieve this so you can imagine the stress I was under to get it perfect, being able to only drop 2 marks in the whole of a unit! 
My actual summer exams begin a week on Tuesday, i have my double H&SC exam (I'm doing two a levels in it) and I've also got my sociology exam, which I'm really worried about. 
I have a lot of reviews to write up, including Dior and Chanel! I've booked a holiday, bought new clothes and put together lovely new outfits. I'm even thinking of doing a give away when I get to 50 followers, I'm thinking Lush and Mac? Anyways I'm so excited to get started.. until then....

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