Latest In Beauty Samples Review

Tuesday, 2 July 2013
Recently I received a box of free samples from Latest In Beauty.  I received Melvita - ultra nourishing cream, Yes! Nurse - protect your lovely hands and Amie - spring clean cooling clay mask.
When I first used the Amie clay mask I absolutely loved it and was ready to come on here and blog all about it straight away! It smells amazing and when first applied it felt amazing and my skin felt woken up. After removal it felt amazingly fresh and smooth. However, when I woke up the next day I'd suffered from a mini break out on my forehead overnight. I had't trialled any other new beauty products at this time so this is the only thing I can imagine causing it.

The Yes Nurse hand cream is absolutely amazing! It was designed by a young nurse who suffered from cracked hands due to the amount you need to wash them as a nurse. This cream absorbs into the hands in around for 30 seconds and doesn't leave the greasy feeling that most hand creams do and I detest. I will definitely be investing in this in the near future when I'll be starting my nursing degree and my own hands will be suffering. As well as this I think it will be handy at the moment as I work part time as a checkout operator and I've found my hands in a worse state since starting this as I'm using them all day.
Melvita's nourishing cream includes 3 organice honeys, acacia to soften, orange blossom to repair and thyme to heal. As for this it smells delicious! I found it to be amazing on the occasional dry skin patches I have on my face, it instantly soothes and calms upon application. It's so light and silky and absorbs into the skin pretty quickly. I rationed out this produt and used it over 4 nights, the more I used it the more improvement I seen. Definitely going to be purchasing in the full size and going to have a look at the rest of their range.

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