Nars Sheer Glow Review

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

For as long as I can seem to remember I have been looking for a foundation that I actually love. One that gives me a good coverage, but doesn't make me feel like I'm caked, gives me an even looking finish due to my natural redness and to brighten my face and leave me looking natural instead of powdery. I believe that I have found this in this product.
First, the packaging. My main gripe with this product is that it is just an open necked bottle underneath. You can purchase a pump for it off the Nars website (which i'll be doing) as I'm finding that I'm wasting quite a lot of the product without it. 
I picked this up in the colour Punjab (medium 1) Nars describe it as "medium with a golden, peachy undertone". This is a perfect match for my skin, but at the moment I am quite tanned due to the good weather in England and my holiday. So whether this match will still look the same in a few months I don't know. 
It's recommended to warm the foundation up in your hands first and then to apply it with your fingers to create the most natural look possible. I have been applying this with my fingers but then at the end I've just been going over it with my real techniques buffing brush. After applying I sweep over the foundation with Nars pressed powder to help keep it in place.
I was apprehensive about using this foundation. With a name with 'glow' in it for someone who has oily skin it was a bit daunting. But after reading up on the product online I found others who have oily skin have used this foundation and loved it. This gives my skin a lovely glow, leaving me looking healthy. I find that this product lasts around 4/5 hours before you need to apply powder before any excess oils come through. 


  1. Think i'll be investing in this now Meely! Sounds better than my moisturiser experience. xo

  2. Love this foundation! Great post- new follower :)

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    Thanks, Philippa Senoj xx