Delirium Trilogy Review

Saturday, 19 July 2014
I honestly can't remember the last time I was sucked in so quick by a series. I began reading the delirium trilogy on Thursday and I finished the last book last night in 4 hours, all 3 books, 1,161 pages in 2 days. 
The Delirium trilogy follows Lena, a teenage girl living under a government that claims love is a disease. At the age of 18 everyone is 'cured', where they undergo an operation that removes there ability to love and dulls their emotions. 
Major cities have been separated and walled off with the areas in between being destroyed. However, there is a collective of people choosing to live there (known as 'the wilds'), who have chose against the cure and to live their life freely, the invalids. 
Throughout the series you can see the choice that is placed before Lena, does she live safely within society with her family or does she choose to love freely and live as she chooses in the wilds, which could have devastating effects on her family? 
A huge dystopian lover this series appealed to me almost instantly. I loved everything about this book, especially Oliver's writing. Her writing is almost poetic and the description so intense I almost felt like I was there myself at times. The characters were extremely well developed making you feel like you know them personally. The cliffhangers at the end of the first and the second book made it impossible to resist starting the next one straight away.
And to top it all off there is a love triangle that comes to a head in the final book, one of my favourite plots! The tension is almost unbearable at times, making you feel for the characters and what they're going through.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the series and would recommend it to other dystopian fans of books such as The Hunger Games or Divergent Trilogies. 

Amelia xo

Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Being the cleanser addict that I am I found it almost impossible not to buy the camomile silky cleansing oil after hearing Amelia Liana rave about it. 
I start off my evening skincare routine with this every night, making removing tough makeup one of the easiest jobs. A couple of pumps is all you need - massage onto the face and you can feel your makeup disintegrating under your fingertips. It really is so effortless and quick to use, perfect for them days when you can't wait to crawl into bed! I was dubious about how well it would work on mascara and eyeshadows/eyeliner but it's been incredible at removing them, although it does make you look like a panda in the process. I tend to use around two pumps massaged into the skin and then run a muslim cloth under hot water and use that to remove the oil from the face.
Camomile is renowned for soothing the skin, leaving my skin feeling soft and soothed after use. At £10 it's the cheapest cleanser I own and it feel's more luxurious than some high end cleansers I own. 

Amelia xo