Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream // Review & Uses

Saturday, 15 August 2015
Whenever I bring this little tube of heaven up into conversation I always get two responses; either they've never heard of it before or we spend the next 10 minutes fangirling over the product. Not once have I met someone who has said a bad word about it.
Eight hour cream was created in the 1930's and originally used to soothe Arden's horses legs. I'd spent around 6 months reading about it online, but yet I never felt the need to go out and purchase. In the end my mum bought me a tube as a stocking filler for Christmas 2 years ago and I've never looked back, it's one of them products that as it's running out I run out and buy a new bottle so it's ready and waiting. 
Firstly, the texture. It's an apricot coloured balm which I know can scare off a lot of people, leaving them thinking 'What do I do with this?!'. Secondly we need to address the scent. I personally love the smell, however the vast majority hate it. Don't let this put you off though as it's also available in a unscented version. 
I mostly use this on my lips, cuticles and heels. I suffer really badly with dry lips and this is one of the only products I know that can recover them. I can go to bed with chapped lips, slather a load of this on and wake up in the morning and the flakes have gone and my lips are feeling plump, leaving me with long lasting results. As well as this I also use it on my lips for some gloss in the rare occasion that I'm out and about without any lipstick on me. 
Personally I don't like cuticle oil, we just can't see eye to eye. This is where the eight hour cream steps in, it's a fare more thicker consistency and just seems to work at keeping my cuticles nourished and healthy. 
My final favourite use for the eight hour cream is for hydrating my heels. I have a serious case of nurses feet, they're left cracked, sore and dry from the 13 hour shifts. I try to use Scholl Express Pedi at least 3 times a week and most nights to lather my heels in the balm and put some cotton socks on over the top and leave to soak overnight, in the morning they feel soft, smooth and plump.
Is there anyone out there who doesn't like the cream? Or has anyone got some uses that I may not know about? Leave me a comment! 

Amelia xo

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