Lush's The Experimenter Review

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few weeks I highly doubt that you haven't heard about or seen Lush's new bath bomb 'The Experimenter' from their Oxford Street flagship store. 

I started back at uni this week and I've been waiting for the chance to nip into town in my break to get a chance to raid Lush. Prior to going in today I'd already read quite a few reviews of the experimenter online and had decided that I wanted to pick one up for myself. 
The first thing I noticed about The Experimenter is it's vibrant colouring and just how fun it looked! Lush themselves describe it as a 'bath time motion picture', I must say I do agree with this. Upon popping it into the water it immediately started to dissolve and the popping candy started popping too! As it started fizzing away an plethora of colours were left in it's wake, pinks, purples with of course, lots and lots of glitter. 
My only real qualm with the experimenter is that it leaves you with a bath of water that resembles dirty sink water. This being said it didn't put me off too much and it wouldn't stop be from buying it again! As for the smell a lot of people have complained that it can be really overpowering and almost unpleasant, as for myself this wasn't a problem, most probably due to the fact that I'm currently bunged up and sounding like Phoebe from Friends with her sexy voice "sticky shoeeee". I personally found the bath bomb to have quite a musky smell and couldn't pick up any scent of Vanilla as advertised. The Experimenter has Vetivert in it's ingredients which has relaxing and restoring properties, just what I needed after my yearly life support update, let me tell you resuscitation is not an easy job! As usual my skin felt really moisturised and soft after use and I was left sparkling like a Cullen. 

Amelia xo

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  1. I love The Experimenter but I think it's best on the first go when you get the surprise factor! I actually quite like the fact that it goes dark because it looks quite mysterious but I've heard a lot of people complain about it! x