September 2015 Goals

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

One of my new years resolutions this year was to start writing down my goals at the start of each month and then going back to them at the end to see what I've achieved. This month I've seen a lot of blogposts go up about bloggers personal goals so I thought why not post mine on my own blog rather than in my notepad?!
- loose 11lbs 
I've been on Slimming World for 6 weeks now and I've managed to loose 1st3lbs and with my 21st just round the corner in October I'd really like to reach the 2st mark for then. I'm a bit dubious about this goal as I have a lot going on in September which includes copious amounts of alcohol and meals out! However I'm going to work my hardest to achieve this. 
- read 4 books 
Reading is one of my biggest passions in life and recently I've just been in a reading slump. I used to get through around 8 books on average per month and my to be read pile is just piling up higher and higher! My copy of Queen Of Shadows arrived yesterday So I'm hoping this is going to kickstart my reading off again...
- save £500
I've got a trip to Prague booked at the end of October and I really need to save some money for it! I don't plan on spending £500 on the trip to Prague but I really need to get saving some money. I've worked hard over the Summer holidays and now I'm going back to uni my shifts will be decreasing a lot. I've got my car insurance to pay off and whilst it's not a huge amount of money I just hate having things like that hanging over my head! 
- succeed at uni 
I'm going into my second year at university as a student nurse and my grades this year class towards my degree classification. Grades aren't everything as a student nurse, no amount of coursework and exams can teach you to sit hold someones hand and cry with them. However, I do want to go on to do my masters in the future so I need at least a 2:1. 

Amelia xo


  1. I love the idea of monthly goals, good luck on your Slimming world journey :) that's an incredible result x

    1. I've found it really helps your motication if you write the goals down! Hoping that posting them on here will make me even more motivated. Thank you! You've got a lovely blog, I've followed on bloglovin x

  2. Wow these are big goals! I hope you achieve them, good luck.