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Friday, 30 October 2015
I swear this post has been harder to write than understanding the lecture I had on statistics last week! Why you may ask? My skincare routine changes daily depending on what my skin is feeling like on that day, for example today I added the Liz Earle Brightening Mask due to my skin looking dull and lacklustre this morning. As well as this I'm always trying out new products and finding out what works best for me!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
This has been my HG cleanser for the past 3 years now, I just can't stress how much I love the stuff! With the weather changing I love how luxurious and creamy this feels on my skin, then washing it off with a red hot muslim cloth taking away all my impurities and grime from the day with it. I've just bought the new limited edition Pink Pepper & Mint and it's seriously dreamy! A highly aromatic scent which is really comforting during these cold months. 
Pixi Glow Tonic
This is a new addition to my skincare routine and I plan on writing a full review on it in a month or so when I can see some clearer results. So far I've been loving it and can already see a difference in my skin with certain spot scars fading already!
Liz Earle Gentle Facial Exfoliator
This stuff is seriously amazing and since it entered my life I've never looked for another exfoliator. With it containing fine jojoba beads it's the perfect mixture of providing a decent exfoliant without taking the top two layers of your skin off at the same time! I apply this with my Clinique Cleansing Brush (full review here).
Liz Earle Daily Eye Repair
Eye creams are a relatively new addition to my skincare routine, after reading about the benefits of starting using them online and turning 21 and feeling like an adult I thought I'd better invest! A little of this product goes a long way is the main thing to remember when using this, it absorbs in quickly and doesn't leave your under eye feeling tight. As for long term results I can't really comment as of yet....
La-Roche Posay Effaclar Duo
I've got serious love for this stuff! I've been using it for around 5 weeks now and my skins redness has noticeably improved as well as the reduction of old spot scars. I use this at the end of my morning skincare as it doubles up as a really good primer, leaving the skin perfect for makeup to adhere to (full review here).
Amelia xo


  1. I'm on the hunt for a new skincare routine and I've heard lots of god things about the Pixi Glow Tonic! I definitely need to up my game on skincare and invest in some better high quality products.
    XO Lottie

    1. It really is worth the extra money! I couldn't imagine living without mine now,
      Amelia x

  2. I've been dying to try Pixi's Glow Tonic, seems to always be sold out in the shops here! Just recently Ulta here in the States is selling La-Roche Posay, thankfully, so I can finally try the Effeclar Duo that everybody is talking about!


    1. It really is amazing, you wont be disappointed!
      Amelia x

  3. I've heard so much about the glow tonic and cleanse and polish! I definitely need to give both a go

    Coleoftheball xx

  4. I use the glow tonic, it's one of those products that you don't truly appreciate until it runs out! Lovely photo as always X

  5. I have heard so much about Liz Earle and Pixi products recently, I would love to be able to afford them. Sadly, being a student and only working 4 hours a week doesn't give me much of an income. But, I think I may treat myself soon!

    You have a great skincare routine! I tend to stick to The Body Shop products; relatively cheap and amazing results!

    Great post and lovely photography!

    Chloe x

  6. I use the Pixi Glow Toner and I loooove it, don't know how my skin coped before! Think I'll have to try out Clinique Cleansing Brush!

    Your photography is amazing in this post! :)

    Courtney xx