Thursday, 3 December 2015
Snow Fairy shower gel
Do I really need to write a review for this? Just about everyone in the Blogosphere has come across it at some point. The candy floss scent is amazingly sweet without it being overpowering, mellowed down by slightly fruity tones. 
Rose Jam shower gel
This is one of my all time favourite offerings from Lush, organic turkish rose blends mixed with vanilla pods. With the addition of nourishing Argon oil it leaves your skin conditioned afterwards. It really is a enchanting smell, one of the only Lush products I use that my boyfriend actually likes!
Candy Mountain bubble bar
The Candy Mountain bubble bar is the same scent as Snow Fairy, a little cone of glittery delight! This product really is value for money, if I remember from last year I got around 5 baths from it. Crumble a little of the cone under warm running water and watch your bath turn into a pink glittery pool bursting with bubbles. 

The Magic of Christmas bubble bar 
When I saw this little wand in Zoella's video the other week I knew I was just going to have to pick one up myself. Similar in style to the Snow Fairy Magic Wand this one is a cinnamon scented. When running in the water it leaves a warm winter spice smell which is perfect for the festive season, leaving behind a blanket of almond bubbles for you to slip under. 
Razzle Dazzle bath oil
Although not strictly a christmas product these just looked too amazing to leave behind. Similar in style to little bon bon's these hot pink balls smell amazing, Lush describe their scent as 'Splendiferous raspberry ripples, bergamot and juicy Persian lime'. It sinks to the bottom of the bath then the oil disperses across the top of the water, leaving behind a vivid pink bath and a scent that fills the whole of your bathroom.  
Amelia xo

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  1. I have the magic of Christmas bar but I'm too scared to use it. Doom. It's so nice!

    Corinne x