2016 Goals.

Friday, 1 January 2016
It's that time of the year again where we all make goals that will have inevitably slipped to the back of our minds in 2 weeks time... This year I'm making more specific goals that are within reach, this way I won't be left feeling deflated and not achieved anything from my list!

READ 30 BOOKS - this last year I've really slacked with my reading, my demanding university course has left me with little spare time to read. I used to love loosing myself in a book it was the perfect way to relax for me, therefore this year I'm going to aim to read at least 1 chapter of a book a day.

POST MORE REGULARLY - again with my university course I can find it hard to sit down and take blog photos then write up a post, I'm aiming to write at least one post a week, preferably 2. 

INTERACT WITH BLOGGERS MORE - I can be quite guilty of hiding in my own little world sometimes, this year I'm going to interact more with other bloggers and take part in more chats. I'm looking forward to getting to know/speak to more like minded people!

ACHIEVE A 2:1 AT UNIVERSITY - I need to get at least a 2:1 overall at uni to be able to go on to do my masters later on in life, I got good grades in my first year and I'm determined to carry this on *types up this post whilst should be revising* 

LIVE MORE - I've decided I'm going to do more with my life this year, I find a lot of the time I turn things down due to being a student and having little money then I end up spending the money I have on crap basically. I'm going to say yes to more this year and enjoy. 

Amelia xo


  1. Interesting read Amelia, I definitely agree with you on this one - I never stick to unrealistic New Years resolutions.... Happy New Year X


    1. Thanks for reading. And a Happy New Year to you too x

  2. I've tried to make my goals more realistic as well this year because I always feel guilty when I don't actually get around to trying to achieve them. You've got some real good ones and I hope you reach them all!x

    Mollie Victoria Beauty | Blog

  3. These are really good goals! Good luck, especially with the uni one x

  4. Great goals! Good luck with university especially, I'm sure you'll get a 2:1!

    Elesaurus | elesaurus.com

  5. Great post to read through, I totally agree with your goal on interacting more and it's definitely one of my 2016 goals!
    I really want to read more this year too, it's hard to make the time for it usually but good luck with your goal :) and of course your uni course!


  6. You're for sure rocking the 'interact with bloggers more' goal - I found you in a Twitter chat, hehe. What wonderful goals :)
    Jess www.beautifulbreakable.com