Charlotte's Magic Cream Review

Wednesday, 27 January 2016
I've previously discussed my love for Charlotte Tilbury products, she can't seem to do any wrong! Back when I bought The Dolce Vita look in November I got a free sample pot of 'Charlotte's Magic Cream'. I know the price is steep at £70 a jar but is it worth it?
Charlotte developed this cream herself to use backstage on models to give them a much needed 'glow', as well as being full of anti-ageing properties. First of all I only apply this when I'm wearing a full face of makeup. Consistency wise it's really thick and creamy, I find that after I've applied it it leaves my skin really quite red but definitely glowing. With an oily complexion I find it leaves me looking shiny, which is ok when I'm applying a heavier look with a heavy duty primer but definitely not something I would want to do on a day to day basis. Whatever you do don't sleep in the stuff. 
As I'm sat here typing up this review I really am quite conflicted over it still, I do like how it leaves my skin looking plump and glowy but the shine as I have mentioned ruins it for me. However, I do know a few people who have this with a dry/normal skin type and they swear by it. 
So do I think it's worth the big price tag? If you've got the right skin type then yes, it can work wonders. Will I be repurchasing? For me I wouldn't buy again. 
What experiences have you all had with the magic cream?
Amelia xo


  1. I find this is essentially just a thick old style cold cream and there are many dupes from the likes of Ponds that compare. I actually did a post on a dupe for it. Whilst the packaging looks amazing and I'm sure it's great for that quick glow needed by models and the like for every day use I'm not sure it's for me.


  2. Oh this sounds like a really lovely moisturiser, but I hate it when really intensive moisturisers leave your skin looking oily/shiny when it's not! Such a dilemma, especially as it's so pricey xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. I've heard sooo many great things about this, but as I have oily/combination skin too I hate anything that makes me too shiny!! x

  4. This sounds lovely BUT at £70 a pop - eek! I'd be expecting some serious miracles with that price tag! My skin is already shiny so I wouldn't want to go boosting that, but for dry skin this sounds like it would be perfect, or those who prefer a dewy complexion

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  5. I've never used Charlotte Tilbury products but tbh i don't like the sound of it being oily, the glowy look it gives though does sound amazing!

    lovely post,
    Daizy| from

  6. I've only heard good things about this but the sound of being oily does not sound appeal to me :(

    Hana | ♥

  7. Oh man jelaous that you have the Dolce Vita, that stuff is so dreamy! I've heard lots about this magic cream and every single blogger is raving about the CT magic cream too - but nah, don't think I'll be touching any of it bc it's £70 and like you said, it really boils down to whether it works for you personally and I have plentiful alternative and more natural products that I really enjoy!

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym