My Top 5 Scents

Wednesday, 20 January 2016
If there's one thing I really do love it's perfume. I'm that person who's guilty of dowsing herself with it every hour and walking round smelling like a tarts handbag. For me perfume is what finishes your outfit off! I guess I don't necessarily have a 'signature' scent but I do have a few perfumes that I always repurchase and people will associate with me.

01 Coco Chanel Mademoiselle my all time favourite perfume! I'm lucky in that my boyfriend will usually buy me a bottle of this whenever I run out and it's my favourite 'going out' perfume, I always get so many compliments when I wear it! The middle notes in mademoiselle are jasmine and may rose with a woody base running through. A sophisticated scent that's timeless. 
02 Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess this amazing offering comes out in around May every year as a limited edition summer scent. It's a mixture of coconut, mandarin, vanilla, amber, tropical flowers and lemon. It really is summer in a bottle for me, it reminds me of the way your skin smells in the heat abroad and nights spent sipping pina colada's on the beach. 
03 Paco Robanne I first smelt this when I got a sample in my bag from Sephora whilst in Prague and I instantly fell in love. Needless to say when I seen it on the in flight shopping trolley I picked it up on the way home. Inspired by the idea of a modern Greek Godess which evokes strength, dynamism and conquers it has a warm sandalwood base and fruity tones it's a lovely sweet scent. 
04 Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium well known for it's interesting make up of black coffee, floral scents and vanilla it truly is a lovely scent. What I love the most about this perfume is it's last ability, 5 hours on and I'm still catching whift's of it!
05 Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy ah my old faithful, I've worn this perfume since I was around 16 and still to this date I'll always purchase a new bottle as soon as it runs out. With an extremely sweet and fruity scent you're guaranteed to pick up compliments when you wear it! I use this everyday for work as I don't like to use my more expensive perfumes at work with the nature of my job. At only £20 for 200ml it's an absolute steal! 

What's your favourite perfumes?
Amelia xo


  1. I received Olympea for Christmas and love it! Its become my everyday go to and the bottle is so lovely! A few friends of mine love Black Opium so that may have to be my next purchase x

  2. I own Black Opium & Coco Chanel & adore them both, considering wearing Chanel for my wedding day? Such an amazing scent.
    H x

    1. I'd say if there ever was a wedding day scent than Mademoiselle is it! I'd wear it.
      Amelia x

  3. Black Opium is to die for! And it really does stay on for hours, love it!

    Holly |

  4. I LOVE posts like this, especially because I don't own any of them! I'll be spritzing these next time I'm in Boots :)

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  5. Olympea and Black Opium are my absolute favourites! They're so beautiful on the skin and last for ages! Great post, love it!
    💕 Lucy