Sunday Snapshots #1

Sunday, 17 April 2016

I've always loved reading these weekly round up posts so I thought it was about time I started a weekly roundup of my insta pics on here. After all, anyone who knows me knows how addicted I am to Instagram!

  • I spent this morning catching up with the new series of Home Fires - I loved the last series and It's such an easy watch.
  • I picked up some new bits from Boots on Saturday, I can't get enough of the Sugar Crush range at the moment. 
  • I had a moment of appreciation of my 21st cake from back in October. Beatrix Potter heaven! 
  • I broke out some vinyl on Saturday afternoon whilst having a spring clean, Power, Corruption & Lies was the album of choice. 
  • I met a gorgeous little cat on the way into town, afterwards I couldn't stop thinking about how she looked homeless. I've been keeping an eye out for her these last few days. 
  • My mam bought me this gorgeous spring Hyacinth hamper for Iain's house, it looks lovely on the sunny spot on the windowsill!
  • My new work bag arrived on Thursday just in time for nights, it's huge! Fits all my A4 documents, books and plenty of food to keep me going for 13 hrs in it. 
  • My beloved £3.25 lilies from Asda that I swear by. Always last 6+ days. 

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Amelia xo

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