To All The Boys I've Loved Before Series

Wednesday, 20 April 2016
It really didn't come as much of a surprise that I loved this series as much as I did, I read Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty Series a few years ago now and I loved it! Sometimes all I want from a book is a sweet innocent story that's easy to read, making me feel nostalgic about being a teen myself. 

Lara Jean writes letters to all of her crushes to then store away in an old box under her bed. In a tragic turn of events these letters get sent out to all of the recipients who come out of the woodwork to confront her. With her big sister over in Scotland at university Lara Jean is left to face the fallout alone. 
I love how Han's characters, they're always so rounded and I always find myself able to connect with them. One of the main things I loved about the series is how the time is split equally between Lara's crushes and her family, I found myself particularly fond of her older sister Margot and how she's the rock of the family. Her little sister Kitty is a riot also, providing the book with a few laugh out loud moments. 
In the sequel we follow Lara Jean as she continues her relationship with from the first book *It's so hard not to put spoilers in here*. When another one of her crushes resurfaces into her life she starts questioning herself, can she really love two boys at once? I loved this sequel, it was just as charming as the first book and everyone knows I love a good love triangle. 
Once again Jenny Han has exceeded at perfecting the contemporary romance, she has the power to make you want to sit down and devour her books in one sitting. All I'm left wondering is what is she going to bring out next?...
Amelia xo

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  1. Loved these books too! :-) Perfect chick lit.