Palmers Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner Spray

Sunday, 8 May 2016
I've been a big fan of palmers cocoa butter for years now and when they released the gradual tan version I was quickly a huge fan. Now imagine my surprise in one of Zoella's vlogs the other week when I seen they've now released it in an easy apply spray format. I quickly made my way down to Asda and picked myself a bottle up!
The spray lotion is a light formula that's provided in a continuous spray, you can cover your entire body in only 20 seconds! With the formula being so light it takes hardly no time to rub into the skin and you can get dressed pretty much straight away as it sinks into the skin. My top tip for application though is to pop a towel on the floor, at first I didn't and noticed the side of my bath was starting to turn a distinct shade of brown. 
After just one application the tan was noticeable, it develops into a really healthy brown colour. I applied it two days on a run and the tan was really noticeable so I wouldn't recommend it for more than that, I'm finding 3 times a week perfect at the moment!
Palmers Natural Bronze Gradual Tanner Spray // Boots £7.99 
Amelia xo


  1. I need a gradual tanner because I'm stupidly pale yet I struggle so much with finding something the perfect shade!

    Vickie |

    1. I'm the same, this is brilliant for a healthy glow but if you put it on too many days on the run you can turn a bit orange like I did haha x

  2. Ooh this sounds great!

  3. I love palmers cocoa butter this must apply so smooth!

    Meme xx

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