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Tuesday, 28 June 2016
My relationship with blusher has always been a little love/hate. When I was younger I used to paint the stuff on until I looked like a pot doll. Nowadays I find that it sometimes seems to accentuate my already chubby/round face and then other times I love it. Here is a round up of my favourite blushers at the moment.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Rose // £33 this compact is multi-purpose with it being used on the eyes. When all 5 colours are swirled together it gives the most beautiful blushing glow. I've also been dipping in to this compact and using the top two colours to use alone for a highlight. The pigmentation is cu-razy! 
NARS Orgasm // £23
A well loved favourite in the blogosphere I know but I couldn't help but pop it in here. Described as "peachy pink with a golden shimmer" this really is the prettiest of colours, the glitter when swatched can look a bit intimidating but once blended in it's more of a sheen. Side note, the longevity of this blush in seriously impressive!
Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic Ecstasy // £30
I seriously love the idea behind this, you swirl around the outside for your cheekbones then the concentrated centre for the apple of your cheeks! A gorgeous peachy tone you can build up for an increased intensity with an amazing smooth finish. You can just tell this product is high end. 
Clinique Cheek Pop Pink Pop // £17
I must admit when I picked this up it was solely the super cute packaging and flower design that attracted me to it. A few years later and it's still a staple in my makeup collection. Initially this is quite sheer when applied to the cheeks but it's easily build able, the texture is really soft leaving the blush looking luminous on the skin.
Amelia xo


  1. You know, blusher is one of those things I've never used in my makeup routine and I really should change that. These are some lovely colours!

    1. I struggle incorporating it a lot, I'm still unsure but I usually love it when I put it on! x

  2. I love your blog and the photos are fab! Mars Orgasm is my fave :)

    1. Thank you! NARS is always an old faithful for me x

  3. Really want to try a Charlotte Tilbury blush, they look gorgeous!

    Emily xo

  4. I love those blushers! x