Father's Day Gift Guide

Wednesday, 8 June 2016
Along with Father's Day comes the usual "Don't spend your money on me, I don't need anything". We all know just how tricky dad's can be to shop for, now I don't know about you but I always end up buying my dad the same 3 things on a circuit for holidays/birthdays; whisky, socks and video games. Here's my round up of gifts that you can still pick up in time for Father's Day this Sunday!
This year I've decided to think a little outside of the box so I thought I'd share my top finds for everyone else who's a little last minute like myself:

Personalised Money Clip // £18 NOTH I love this money clip! My dad has a tendency to use one he's going out and 'The Bank of Dad' is a bit of a running joke in my household as I'm sure it is in many.
Black iBed // £9.99 IWOOT Now forget about dad, I want one of these myself! A padded tray with a slot for your iPad to fit into and non-slip surface for gin and other such essentials. I can just see myself in bed having major Netflix binges with this. I digress, my dad would love this too.
Plug and Play Retro TV Games // £9.99 IWOOT this little nifty device plugs into your telly and has over 200 games pre-installed on it. Perfect for the techy/gaming dads out there! 
Bakerstone Basic Outdoor Oven // £79.99 HOF all men seem to love to BBQ, must be some primal side coming out in them. You just place the box on top of your BBQ and you can cook your own home made pizzas traditionally. I must admit this is probably another gift with myself in the back of my mind *dreams about pizza*
Howick Tailored Rhodium Crystal Stone Cufflink // £20 HOF*
You can't ever really go wrong with a pair of cufflink's can you? My dad has a mini collection and my boyfriend loves them also. This rather lovely pair was sent to me from House Of Fraser, I popped them onto one of my dads shirts to take some pictures with and I just know he's going to love them come fathers day! 
You can find House Of Fraser's fathers day guide here
Amelia xo


  1. I still need to buy my dad a gift! Great ideas!

  2. Some great gift ideas, good that you have something for everyone and every taste.

  3. These are some great ideas and not too expensive either!


  4. Oh my dad is the opposite, he loves a good gift so he'd probably never discourage me from buying gifts! haha

    I think as you said a good pair of cufflinks are always a good idea.