Too Faced Sweet Peaches Palette

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The day this little beauty was released I spent 3 hours sat at my laptop refreshing the Debenhams page waiting for it to be released. In the end I finally gave up and went to Tesco to do some shopping. All of a sudden it was released and I had to stop to a stand still in the the aisle and frantically purchase mine, a few funny looks later and it was mine! Upon it's arrival the first thing I did was spend about 5 minutes sniffing, it really does smell just like sweet peaches *drools*
White Peach - satin beige colour 
Luscious - golden copper brown with a metallic finish 
Just Peachy - rosy pink with warm undertones and a gold finish 
Bless Her Heart - medium dark olive green 
Tempting - dark brown, almost black 
Charmed I'm Sure - medium shaded matte brown
Nectar - a light golden yellow with a sheen finish 
Cobbler - reddish brown 
Candied Peach - muted medium orange 
Bellini - peachy pink with a golden shimmery finish 
Peach Pit - reddish brown 
Delectable - burgundy purple 
Peaches N Cream - light yellow peach 
Georgia - peachy orange 
Caramelised - medium dark bronzed brown 
Puree - medium matte brown 
Summer Yum - medium reddish brown
Talk Derby To Me - very dark purple, almost black
The pigmentation of this palette is seriously insane, one swipe gives you major colour pay off. My favourite colours from the palette have got to be bellini, candied peach and just peachy, these are my favourite for all over the lid. I love delectable to darken the outer corners and add definition under the eye. Finally white peach is the perfect brown bone highlight and nectar for my inner eye. I don't think I'll ever really use bless her heart but I might be brave enough to use it one day! 
Amelia xo


  1. I love this palette! Wanted it for so long so I'm very grateful for your review and breakdown of the shades! So helpful!

    A Girl Called Glasgow

    1. It really is a lovely one to add to your collection! Aww thank you x x

  2. These just look too pretty to use. Love those colours.

    1. It does doesn't it?! Especially with it smelling so good also x x

  3. I really wanted this palette but I bought the Urban Decay Alice In Wonderland palette instead! It's still super pretty though:)

    Emily xo

    1. I was debating over the two as well! Decided on this in the end mainly due to the size of the UD one xx

  4. I saw Zoella vlog about this palette a little while ago, and I've been in constant envy of everyone who has it ever since! The shades look absolutely lush, and would be perfect for my blue eyes... I guess I'll just have to wait till pay day!


    1. I have blue eyes also and this palette really does make them pop! You'll have to treat yourself one payday comes xx

  5. This palette honestly looks amazing! I can never choose which Too faced palette is the best, but this is definitely a firm fav for me :)!


    1. This is my first product from too faced but I'm that impressed with this I'll be investing in some more x

  6. Too Faced can seriously do no wrong with their palettes! I was actually lucky enough to win this one (I would definitely have purchased if not) and can totally relate to the sniffing time - the scent is insane!