Caudalie Divine Oil

Monday, 11 July 2016
Caudalie Divine Oil
I first picked up the Divine Oil back in 2012 when I went on holiday to Rome, since then I've repurchased numerous times. This really is an all time favourite of mine, this contains the grape seed extract that Caudalie are famous for. With a mixture of four different oils it provides you with a variety of different benefits. 

The oil can be used on your body, face, hair and cuticles! My favourite thing about this is the amazing smell, people tend to notice it and ask what I'm wearing for a couple of hours afterwards and they're always shocked when I tell them it's not perfume! It reminds me a lot of being at the spa. 
After I've been in the shower I apply this to my upper arms where I suffer with a skin condition called KP. I've had this for years and nothing has managed to cure it but this oil is working wonders in keeping it under control, hydrates and calm. It quickly sinks, locking in the moisture and making your arms feel smooth all day. 
I've tried this multiple times on my hair and although it does a good job nothing can beat Moroccan oil for me. Your hair looks noticeably more shiny and healthy after use as well as the amazing smell. It's also a really light oil opposed to other I've used on my hair before, helping me avoid a Frank Skinner hair situation that can occasionally happen to me when I flirt with oils. 
It's really easy application as it has a spray on it so you can get out your desired amount easily enough. The main problem for me with is that it does seem to run out quickly! And lets be honest, it's not cheap either. 
Whats your favourite product from Caudalie?
Amelia xo

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  1. I loved both the products I've tried from Caudalie - the Beauty Elixir & a toner - mainly for the scent! I can imagine therefore that this smells heavenly!

    Always on the hunt for multitasking products too, perfect for travelling. Shame it runs out so quickly tho :(

    Sinéad ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥